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kfas, vol. 55, no. 4, pp.397-407, August, 2022 DOI.

Collagen and Texture Properties of Commonly Consumed Fish Species in Korea as Sliced Raw Fishes

1경상국립대학교 해양식품공학과/해양산업연구소, 2경상국립대학교 수산식품산업화 기술지원센터, 3경상국립대학교 식품영양학과


    This study investigated the collagen and texture properties of commonly consumed sliced raw fish species (CC-SRF) [olive flounder (OF), red seabream (RS), Atlantic salmon (AS), coho salmon (CoS) and sockeye salmon (SS)] distributed in Korea as sliced raw fishes. The crude lipid contents of CC-SRF were 5.5% for OF, 6.8% for RS, 18.5% for AS, 16.1% for CoS, and 5.7% for SS. The collagen content and solubility from CC-SRF were 622 mg/100 g and 78.0%, respectively, in OF, 270 mg/100 g and 75.6%, respectively, in RS, 237 mg/100 g and 24.1%, respectively, in AS, 341 mg/100 g and 65.7%, respectively, in CoS, and 246 mg/100 g and 17.9%, respectively, in SS. The texture of CC-SRF was affected by the lipid content, collagen content, acid solubility, hydroxylation, and cross linkage degree. The highest hardness of CC-SRF was obtained from OF, followed by RS, SS, AS and CoS. There was, however, no difference (P>0.05) in hardness between OF and RS and between AS and CoS.

  • Keyword

    Collagen, Oliver flounder, Sliced raw fish, Texture of fish