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kfas, vol. 55, no. 5, pp.612-624, October, 2022

Characterization of the Novel Marine Bacterium Planococcus sp. 107-1T

국립수산과학원 양식산업연구부 생명공학과


    A novel Gram-positive, motile, non-spore forming aerobic marine bacterium, designated 107-1T was isolated from tidal mud collected in Gyehwa-do, South Korea. Cells of strain 107-1T were short rod or coccoid, oxidase negative, catalase positive and grew at 10-40°C (with optimum growth at 25-30°C). It utilized menaquinones MK-7 and 8 as its respiratory quinones and its major fatty acids were anteiso-C15:0 (37.9%), iso-C16:0 (14.9%), and iso-C14:0 (10.8%). Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed a distinct clade containing strain 107-1T and close species Planococcus ruber CW1T(98.52% sequence similarity), P. faecalis KCTC 33580T(97.67%), P. kocurii ATCC 43650T(97.48%), P. donghaensis DSM 22276T(97.47%), and P. halocryophilus DSM 24743T(97.37%). Strain 107-1T contains one circular chromosome (3,513,248bp in length) with G+C content of 44.6 mol%. Estimated ranges for genome to genome distance, average nucleotide identity, and average amino acid identity comparing strain 107-1T with close taxa were 20.3-34.8%, 77.9-86.9%, and 73.6-92.8%, respectively. Based on polyphasic analysis, strain 107-1T represents a novel species belonging to the genus Planococcus.

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    Novel marine bacterium, Planococcus sp.