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kfas, vol. 55, no. 5, pp.625-637, October, 2022

Characteristics of Changes in Species Composition with Water Temperature
in Set Net Fishing on the Southern Coast of the East Sea

국립수산과학원 독도수산연구센터, 1부산대학교 수리과학연구소


    The southern coast of the East Sea is an important area affected by large warm currents as it connects the coastal waters of Jeju Island, the South Sea, and Dokdo. From 2017 to 2021, the average catch per unit effort (CPUE; kg/day/ ship) of set net fishery at six ports in the Gyeongbuk region off the southern coast of the East Sea was the highest in Gampo, Gyeongju, and the lowest in Hupo, Uljin. Although the seasonal variation in the CPUE differed by region and year, it was generally high in autumn. In the set net fishery in Pohang from 2019 to 2021, we identified 72 species, which decreased to 56 species in 2019, 46 in 2020, and 41 in 2021. The species diversity index slightly increased over the three-year periods. We found positive correlations between the total catch (kg) of subtropical species in autumn and the water temperature at 50 m. Among the most abundant species, we found substantially positive correlations between the CPUE of Scomber japonicus, Scomberomous spp. and Carangids. We also noted positive correlations between the CPUE of Todarodes pacificus, Seriola spp. and Carangids.

  • Keyword

    East Sea, Set net fishery, CPUE, Water temperature, Subtropical fish