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kfas, vol. 55, no. 5, pp.645-654, October, 2022

Development and Quality Characteristics of Superheated Steam Roasted
Small Yellow Croaker Larimichthys polyactis, Sweet Potato Salad and
Tomato Mousse for Senior-friendly Seafood

1경상국립대학교 수산식품산업화 기술지원센터, 2경상국립대학교 해양식품공학과/해양산업연구소, 3국립수산과학원 식품위생가공과


    This study was conducted to prepare superheated steam roasted (SSR) small yellow croaker Larimichthys polyactis sweet potato salad (SPS) and tomato mousse (TM), as senior-friendly seafoods (SFS) and to examine their quality characteristics. The hardness values of SSR, SPS and TM were 110.5×1.03, 22.4×1.03 and 14.5×1.03 N/m2, respectively. The nutritional properties of SSR, SPS and TM were 22.4, 6.7 and 10.2 g/100 g, respectively, for protein, 97.01, 3.40 and 17.00 μg/100 g, respectively, for vitamin A, 10.26, 2.79 μg/100 g and not detected (ND), respectively, for vitamin D, 60.68 mg/100 g, ND and 4.17 mg/100 g, respectively, for vitamin C, 0.18, 0.10 and 0.33 mg/100 g, respectively, for riboflavin 24.28, 10.91 and 13.77 mg/100 g, respectively, for niacin, 76.3, 53.0 and 48.5 mg/100 g, respectively, for calcium, 258.2, 231.3 and 145.2 mg/100 g, respectively, for potassium, and ND, 0.70 mg/100 g and ND, respectively, for dietary fiber. Escherichia coli was not detected in any of the products. These results suggested that the products should be classified as step 1 for SSR, step 2 for SPS and step 3 for TM based on the SFS standard of the Korean industrial standards. Moreover, the nutritional and physical properties of the foods were improved.

  • Keyword

    Small yellow croaker, Senior-friendly foods, Superheated steam roasting, Sweet potato salad, Tomato mousse