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kfas, vol. 55, no. 5, pp.705-713, October, 2022

Feeding Habits of Hexagrammos otakii off the Yoesu Coast of Korea

국립수산과학원 남해수산연구소, 1국립수산과학원 연근해자원과


    The feeding habits of Hexagrammos otakii were studied by analyzing the stomach contents of 508 specimens collected from July 2009 to December 2010 off the Yeosu coast of Korea. The total length of the H. otakii specimens ranged from 10.7 to 41.5 cm. H. otakii was found to be a bottom-feeding carnivore that mainly consumed brachyura, amphipoda, but also sonsumed cephalopoda, pisces, anomura, polychaeta, and gastropoda. It was shown through relative importance analysis that the benthic share was 58.1% for brachyura, 24.5% for amphipoda, 7.5% for caridea, and 7.3% for pisces. Brachyura was the main prey item for H. otakii, occupying 35% of the stomach contents. The proportion of brachyura and amphipoda decreased with the growth of H. otakii, and their decrease paralleled the increased consumption of pisces. The shift in feeding habits to larger prey organisms with increasing fish size seems to be one of survival strategies to maximize net energy gain.

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    Feeding habits, Hexagrammos otakii, Stomach content, Bottom-feeding carnivore