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kfas, vol. 55, no. 6, pp.802-807, December, 2022 DOI.

Properties of a Fish Surimi Mixture for Using Pigments from Laver
Pyropia yezoensis

박예린·한현수·강유석·박정철·서훈서·최예희·김수형·우가은·이가혜1 ·안동현*
부경대학교 식품공학과/식품연구소, 1부경대학교 수산과학연구소


    We investigated the physical properties and color values of surimi mixtures with added natural red pigments from laver Pyropia yezoensis. After adding the natural red pigment from seaweed extract to surimi, the hardness, gumminess, and chewiness of the surimi decreased compared to the negative controls. The L* color value was lower for the surimi mixture than the negative controls, but the a* and b* color values were higher. After cold storage for 7 days, the unheated surimi mixture showed increased firmness, but decreased adhesiveness. Moreover, the gumminess and chewiness of the surimi mixture stored after heating were increased compared to the pre-storage values. These results indicate that seaweed extract pigments may be used as additives for surimi, to increase the color preference, with little effect on the physical properties.

  • Keyword

    Surimi, Natural red pigment, Laver, Pyropia yezoensis