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kfas, vol. 55, no. 6, pp.903-909, December, 2022 DOI.

Comparison of Growth in Starry Flounder Platichthys stellatus and Hybrid Triploid (P. stellatus♀×Kareius bicoloratus♂) 

박중열·이효빈·윤지혜·조윤수1 ·이일영2·임한규*
국립목포대학교 해양수산자원학과, 1 국립부경대학교 수산생물학과, 2마린씨드


    Triploid fish have attracted the attention of fish farmers owing to of their larger cell size compared to that of diploid fish and their ability to utilize the energy required for sexual maturation for growth instead. However, the effect of increased growth in triploid fish has shown varying results. Therefore, this study aimed to compare growth between diploid and triploid starry flounders and diploid and triploid hybrid juveniles (starry flounder, Platichthys stellatus ♀×stone flounder, Kareius bicoloratus ♂) based on breeding water temperature to investigate the effect of increased growth in triploid fishes. The experiment was performed by categorizing the water temperature as high temperature (EXP. 1, 14.5-23.5°C) and low temperature (EXP. 2, 6.4-13.3°C) based on the optimal water temperature for starry flounder breeding. In EXP. 1, the growth of starry flounder triploids and hybrid triploids was significantly higher than that of diploids. However, in EXP. 2 the weight gain and specific growth rate of the starry flounder triploid were higher, and the growth of starry flounder was higher than that of the hybrids.

  • Keyword

    Starry flounder, Stone flounder, Growth, Hybrid